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Real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities — all in a single platform.


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We believe teaching is the most important job in the world

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Our mission is to make teaching easier with the interactive tools, resources, and content teachers need, all in one place


What is Nearpod? See how it works

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Visualize and support student understanding

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  • 幸运飞行艇开奖查询结果·168幸运飞开艇官网-游戏飞艇2024开奖记录查询 and dynamic media features to guide your teaching and improve student outcomes

  • Adapt instruction or address misconceptions on-the-fly

  • Differentiate, enrich, or provide extra support to meet students where they’re at from wherever they are learning (physical classroom, remote, hybrid)

“I love being able to see the student’s individual work in the Draw It feature. Also, the Quiz feature gives me immediate feedback for student understanding! It’s great in determining who needs remediation.”

- Ashley Guy, 3rd-grade teacher, Mobile, Alabama

One platform, multiple ways to teach

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Interactive slides

Interactive slides

Make any slides-based lessons interactive and gather data on student understanding by adding formative assessments, simulations, and dynamic media.

Or choose from thousands of ready-to-teach, customizable, standards-aligned lessons from teacher favorite brands.

Interactive videos

Create active video experiences to check for understanding with built-in interactive questions.

Choose from our library of standards-aligned videos, or bring one of your favorite videos into Nearpod.

Interactive videos

Gamification & 168开奖记录查询·2024飞艇开奖官网结果直播网址

Gamification & 168开奖记录查询·2024飞艇开奖官网结果直播网址

Deepen student understanding and engagement through gamification and activities like Time to Climb, Matching Pairs, Draw It, and NEW Drag & Drop.

Create your own or choose from thousands of activities across grades and subjects.

Flex between classroom, distance learning, or hybrid

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Whatever learning looks like this year, feel confident that your lessons will work in any environment.

Regardless of device type or availability, the same lesson can shift with your plans.

Nearpod lessons are built in partnership with trusted brands

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Nearpod lessons are built in partnership with trusted brands

We’re connected with the tools you’re already using

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  • Add the power of Nearpod to your existing Power Points, Google Slides, worksheets, videos, and other resources you love

  • Work with the Learning Management Systems and other platforms you’re already using to assign and manage lessons

  • Streamline the learning experience for you and your students, because everything’s in one place and accessible through a single link

“Nearpod’s integration with 幸运168飞艇官方开奖历史记录查询官网·168幸运飞行艇 Reader allowed my ELL students translations within the lesson. Prior to using this, I was recreating each slide with both English and Spanish text.”

- Heather Schmidt, Multigrade teacher, Orange County, Virginia

Teachers asked, and we delivered—check out the latest updates to Nearpod

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Lesson builder

Easier than ever to create in Nearpod

Seamless lesson creation experience—quickly build, edit, and reorder slides and activities.

Live Teacher Feedback

Real-time insights

Visualize and support student learning with real-time insights and feedback.

Enhanced Search and Expanded Library

Less time searching with new enhancements

22,000+ resources are just a click away with faster, better search results

  • 8.5k+ interactive lessons

  • 10.2k+ interactive videos

  • 3.3k+ games and activities

Want to learn more?

These updates were made just for you! Get the details on

Unlock the full instructional power of Nearpod with a school or district license

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  • Empower teachers with unlimited access to everything they need to engage students

  • Strengthen instructional consistency and collaboration with centralized sharing of lessons and insights

  • Maximize impact with even more access to additional lesson creation, sharing, and delivery features

  • Give all your teachers the support they need with dedicated assistance, onboarding, and training

full instructional power

We’re honored to support the 1.2 million Nearpod teachers around the world.

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